Saturday, 17 July 2010

Over the moon and jumping for joy :)

Yay...wooo hoooo....we have a heart beat :) (Star jumps around, skips around the room :)

After a very nervous week the day for the 7 week scan finally arrives.

Now google and bulletin boards can be very helpful and supportive while you are trying to concieve. Once you have conceived they can be VERY BAD PLACES.

In my excitement I had googled what to expect at a 7 week ultrasound. My eyes wandered down to a post written by a woman who had had her 7 week scan and NOT seen a heart beat....Oh God, No...something else for me to worry about...

I had read that sometimes you can see a heart beat at 6 weeks, which worried me that we hadn't seen one at the 6 week scan, despite the nurse telling me it was too early.

So what with all the scare stories I had a pretty anxious week.

I arrived at the clinic and the nurse asked me how i'd been. Nervous I replied. Yes, said the nurse, as if i had every reason to be.

I got myself perched on the chair and got my legs into the stirrups and waited for the nurse to prepare wandy...

First thing I saw was the nurse beaming...

There, right before my eyes was what was definitely a heart beat. I could see it before she even pointed it out.

A huge sigh of relief and a few tears later she told me that although I was 7 weeks the following day, the baby measured 7 weeks and 3 days so was a good size. The little bean had doubled in size from last week.

So now I have my 'congratulations,your scan revealed a viable pregancy' letter and have been discharged from the fertility clinic. I am now just like any other pregnant lady!!!

I couldn't be happier :)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Sorry, I've been a bad blogger!! took a little while for the BFP (big fat positive) to sink in...

I think in the end it took 8 tests for me to really start believing it was true!

I took 2 on the first day of testing (Sunday), another on the following day...just to check and then was due to take the clinic's test (the one the provided) on the Tuesday, my official test date. It wasn't that I didn't believe the first responce tests but I had got it into my head that the clinic's test would be the one I would completely trust beyond a shadow of the doubt.

Imagine my disappointment when the 2nd line was so faint on the clinc's test that I could hardly see it. I rang the clinic and explained that I had already got 3 positives but was concerned about the faint lines on their test. (I had read online of a woman who got a positive and by the time she took a clinic blood test 2 days later she was no longer pregnant, I was paranoid this might of been the case..Was I still pregnant?)

The nurse said if I was worried to test again the following day..

So test I did, several times! My favourite had to be the digital clear blue tests that actually have PREGNANT written on them.....Yep still pregnant but i was still unsettled by the faint pink lines on the clinic's cheap rubbish test!!!

So I tested some more...yep...still pregnant...but still couldn't really believe it.

My 7 week scan was booked for approx 2 weeks time, i couldn't believe I had another 2 week wait!! No way!!! As if the first 2WW wasn't hard enough....another one!!

I then started to get some scary pains on my right hand side of my womb/uterus. I googled it to be scared out of my mind that it could be ectopic, and that that could of explained the faint lines on the test. I rang the clinic and the nurse brought my test foward a week to make sure all was ok.

Meanwhile, guess what? I carried on testing!! I was delighted to see the clear blue tests go from 1-2 weeks pregnant, to 3+ weeks pregnant. I know in the States, ladies have beta tests and are reassured when they see their levels increase. For me the only indication that anything was happening 'in there' was the clear blue tests. At least I knew my levels of HCG were increasing.

A few scary days of waiting and it was finally scan day..I was shitting it...

But I needn't of worried because this is what we saw..

The nurse said there was everything she wanted to see at this stage. A sac and a fetal pole. Can you see that tiny white dot? That's my tiny baby!! We were a little early to see the heart beat but we would hopefully see that next week at my 7 week scan.

Phew...I was so relieved...briefly....until I started worrying about whether there would be a heart beat. I don't know, I just get over one worry and immediatley start worrying about the next milestone...will I ever be able to relax and enjoy this pregancy or will i be a worry guts throughout?

At least now I could stop with the pregnancy tests!!