Saturday, 22 January 2011

32 Weeks Scan.

I'm not sure whether it's because I'm an older mum to be or whether it's because of the fiasco with my LFT's but I seem to be having more scans than anyone else I know being treated by the NHS, I'm not complaining.

This was one scan I wasn't worried about at all beforehand. I'd seen the midwife fairly recently and knew that Lola was growing & her heartbeat was good.

These days I can feel her moving about so the fear from previous scans wasn't there, just excitement.

I was hoping I'd find out what position she was in & how much she'd grown.

Mum came with me, we waited about half an hour & then went into the scan room. I was delighted to see which sonographer it was, while they have all been lovely, this lady talks more while scanning and points stuff out more than some of the others.

She took some measurements and my heart melted as I watched my little girl wriggle about. We laughed as we saw her sticking her tongue out!!

One of the first comments was that she had plenty of hair! Maybe this explains the heartburn!

All seemed well with Lola so I wiped the gel off my swollen belly & made my way to wait for the consultant.

I'm not a big fan of the consultants, the midwives are lovely but the consultants tend to swan about with an air of importance which I find incredibly annoying. Especially as the ones so far have been unlikeable, don't listen, tend to scaremonger & whittle on about IVF when it's perfectly obvious they don't know what they're talking about, they're just trying to convince you that they do, but the more they try to convince you the more apparent it is that they don't, I imagine most women who have had IVF know more about the risks, statistics & info than they do. It's not like we go into this procedure blind & without doing a serious amount of research.

This time however, I had a really friendly consultant. He explained that Lola was growing well, 'she's going to be a big baby'.
I asked how big she was now and he said she was almost 5lbs already!

Oh. My. Word. 5lbs already!!! No wonder I have been struggling to get about & am exhausted!!!

The consultant said she could be at least a 10 pounder ' if' I made it to my edd, saying that she may come early.

I must admit to being a little shocked but delighted to think that Lola was growing big & strong.

Next scan is 36 weeks. I can't wait :)